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Friday, 18 March 2016

A perfect Lakeland day (part 1)

We could have been gridlocked on the M25 or squeezed into a London tube but fortunately we were driving across the Uldale Fells to Bassenthwaite Lake. If we needed a reminder of Lakeland’s beauty, yesterday offered a perfect one. In the distance, Skiddaw had a ring of cloud around its summit like a necklace, the morning itself holding the promise of bright blue sky and warm spring sunshine. It was ideal for a drive around the Lake District, taking photographs and delivering copies of the Dymond Guide.

First stop was the Lakes Distillery at the north end of Bassenthwaite Lake, one of only a handful of English distilleries. I love the entrance gates here, made by architectural blacksmith Alan Dawson whose work I first came across some years ago at Princes Square in Glasgow. Everything smacks of quality at the distillery, including the bistro, the converted farm buildings and the shop which took delivery of 22 books. It was nicely decorated for Easter as well.

We took a back road to Cockermouth where I dropped off a few more guides at The New Bookshop. The business is in temporary premises (probably until summer) because its usual lovely shop and café on Main Street was hit by the floods of late last year. As it was in late 2009. It’s stories like this which make you realise the importance of visitors returning to Cumbria - in droves.

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