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Monday, 26 September 2016

Malaga: Picasso Museum

Pablo Picasso was born in Malaga in 1881 (his birthplace now a museum, but moved to La Coruña, in northern Spain 10 years later. He last visited the city at the age of 19 but thanks to his daughter-in-law and grandson, Christine and Bernard Ruiz-Picasso, visitors can see well over 200 of his works here. The two donated the core of the collection.

The museum is housed in the restored 16th century Palacio de Buenavista where excavations unearthed remains from Phoenician and Roman times. It’s a joy to walk through the dozen galleries and marvel at the massive talent, the invention, the changes in style and terrific energy of one man. This over eight decades and encompassing sketches, paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

You won’t find many well known paintings that you might see in Barcelona or Paris but in a way that’s what makes the collection interesting. In one room a short film shows Picasso conjuring up images on glass with a few confident strokes. He makes it look so easy, almost as easy as having coffee in the quiet garden.

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